Nawid Is Offering Outdoor Plants Maintenance and Interlocking.


We do all types of landscaping including but not limited to mowing, power washing, weed removal, hedge trimming, landscape design, tree transplanting using our professional machines and tools.

Garden Maintenance

We expertly apply fertilization, weed control, and insect and pest control to grow a beautiful garden to last an entire season.


We lift and re-lay sunken interlocking stones and create stone borders.


We work with you to create beautiful walkways using stepping stones, brick, gravel, and sawdust.

Plants Nursery

We assist you in designing and planting garden beds with your favourite plants and flowers.


We are experts in edging plants to create a beautiful border around your driveway.

Why choose us

Nawid Landscaping and Interlocking is specialized to renovate all areas of your garden and driveway to meet your vision, style, and personal preference in design. Call us for a free quote today!

Eco System

Allow us to professionally approach and protect your natural environment around your home.

Save water

We are professionals who know to efficiently distribute water through irrigation.

Save animal

We use the best pesticides and/or protect animals and insects found in your property.

Garden care

Create the best lawn for your needs, but also to advise you on how to maintain the beauty of your property.